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Lean change embraces a new future
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Guangzhou Ruijia Industrial Co., Ltd. solemnly held the "Lean Change Pledge Conference" on May 12, 2017. Ruijia and its subsidiary Ruiyuejia

All the staff and the teachers of the Gaosheng team witnessed this important moment.

Mr. Hong Jun, general manager of Ruijia, and Mr. Ding Weiyang, chairman of Ruijia delivered important speeches, placing hope on this change and facing a new future.

We must lay a solid foundation and build lean management. Require the majority of Ruijia people to change the status quo, maintain a good style, be honest and trustworthy, and continue

Innovate and actively cooperate with Teacher Sheng to create a new Ruijia. At the conference, Ding Dong authorized Gao Sheng and issued a power of attorney. At the same time, he awarded the project members

Issue appointment letter.

Dean Gao Sheng Liao emphasized at the conference that everyone must be determined to change, grasp this rare learning opportunity, strive to improve themselves, and fully trust

Teacher Gao Sheng, firm implementation, wait and see can not solve any problems. This lean change is closely related to everyone. All employees are required to participate, only

Group can be successful.

Teacher Gao Shengyu made a speech at the kick-off meeting, clarifying the urgency of Ruijia’s reform, and carrying out eight tasks in the initial stage of the project.

Aspects of deployment:

1. Build an organization;

2. Lead the team;

3. Set process;

4. Grasp the execution;

5. Regularly summarize and improve, find out the shortcomings, and make continuous progress;

6. Ensure a center;

7. Import data management;

8. Strengthen process control.

Under the leadership of Ding Dong, all the staff solemnly swear an oath and sign on the signature board.

We firmly believe that through this change, Ruijia and Ruiyuejia can stand on a new starting line to meet a new future.

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