Welcome to Guangzhou Ruiyuejia Sign Technology Co., Ltd.!


Company Address: 1st and 2nd Floors of No. 3 Plant, No. 63, Punan Road Middle, Huangpu District (in the Qixi Computer Factory)

Bus route: Take 572/437 at Erheng Road, East District and get off at Dongda Road Station. The security hall on the right is located in Qixi Industrial Park, which is our company.

Contact number: 020-82244876 or 13430333428 (same number on WeChat)

Resume receiving email: gzrj1103@163.com Miss Lan

Special note: The company will provide a food subsidy of 20 yuan/day and an accommodation subsidy of 100 to 150 based on normal attendance.

Benefits: six social insurance and one housing fund, five days and eight hours system, paid annual leave, annual physical examination, employee travel, enrichment of employee activities, holiday benefits